Posted on: June 10, 2008 1:11 pm

Rangers off season

Personally I want the Rangers not to go after the top guy. Don’t get me wrong I would love Hossa and Campbell, but I think we would be better served getting 5-6 above average players than blowing all the money on two superstars because as we all know we have tried that in the past and it hasn’t worked…and we are starting to lean in that direction again…and I don’t like it.

First order of business is to re-sign Avery…it is no doubt that Avery makes the team better. Jagr can stay, but only if he take much less money. I’m thinking no more than 5 mil a year. Anything above that would be a waste. Straka I’m kinda on the the fence about…but I think it’s time we part with him. Roszival has to stay, Malik NEEDS to go. Mara is another toss up, I would like to see him stay because I like his make up…but if he asks for anything over 2 mil…I say let him walk. And I’m sorry, but Shanny needs to retire. He’s a great leader, but he is just to slow and two much of a one trick pony now (waiting for a one timer in the slot).

I think our major focus in the free agent market should be Brian Rolston…. I know, I know, the whole Ex-Devil thing…but I think Gomez proved that wrong. Rolston is a good leader and a great playmaker with a good shot. He would be great on a line with some of our young guys like Dawes or Callahan.

Radim Vrbata is another guy that I would like, he would provide that young talented scorer that we have desperately need for the past few years.

As far a defense goes I think we should go after Mark Streit. One of our major problems has been moving the puck up ice with some speed and Streit is one of the best at it, and he is great on the powerplay. He’s not as good as Campbell defensively, but he’s as good defensively as most of the guys we have now anyway. If not him that Ron Hainsey would be a good option.

Obviously we won’t have enough money to make all of these things happen but this year is a very good year for free agents and I would rather see the Rangers catch a lot of medium size fish then two big fish. Not to mention we have a good core of young talent and I think a couple of more kids can make the team this year. All in all it should be a great off season if the Rangers play their cards right and not put all their eggs in one basket.
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