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Posted on: January 15, 2008 4:57 pm

It pays to be a pessimist. . .

I find that when i think negative, pessimistic thoughts about my teams they do well (except for the Knicks, GOD they suck) The Rangers go on a winning streak and i start to get excited, start talking a little trash, and then they lose 5 in a row. The Giants string a couple of wins together, i think they have a shot, and they lose to the Vikings. Don't even get me started about last season with the Mets!

It even happens with Movies some times. I was really looking forward to "I am Legend" and i left the theater saying, "Hey i liked that movie better when it was called Serenity!"

Deep down i will always support my teams, but it seems the more negative thoughts i think about them the better they do.

PS-Suck it Tark! A Ranger fan figured it out!
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