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Bloggers Banned by Rangers


Did you guys see this? Apparently there are several teams around the NHL … including my always scandal free Rangers … that are looking to ban bloggers from gaining press credentials. One paragraph in particular made me want to punch Sather harder than I already did:

According to multiple sources speaking on background, a New York Rangers blogger affiliated with SB Nation was credentialed by the NHL for the 2010 Draft in Los Angeles. The Rangers were reportedly upset at his presence because the blogger was associated with a "Fire Sather" rally in March that targeted the Rangers' beleaguered general manager. The Rangers, and other teams, viewed this as a writer "crossing over" into "irresponsible" fan behavior.

Irresponsible? IRRESPONSIBLE? You know what’s irresponsible? Giving Wade Redden a 6 year contract … forget the money … a 6 YEAR contract on the heels of back to back terrible seasons post lock out. How about not renewing Rozsival for 3 years at 4 mil per during the season … waiting for him to become a UFA … and then giving him an extra year and an extra mil per! Drury … Gomez … you know where this is going. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

You know what Glen … if you didn’t want people calling for your head then you should stop screwing up!! And I might add that Mr. Larry Brooks was also at that rally (covering, not participating, although I’m sure he wanted to) … but he still gets full press credentials … and he’s FAAAAAAR more critical of Sather, Torts and the entire Rangers front office … heck even players … than any of the bloggers out there. But he gets a press cred because he writes for the Post and not a website?

Thankfully it’s not just the Rangers that have this point of view … so us Rags fans don’t have to carry this embarrassment alone.  The Oilers (you know the place Sather destroyed after getting handed Messier and Gretzky) are also on board. One uncited Western Conference team stated that no blogger will be allowed at games “without a ticket”. Nice.

Your first Amendment at work ladies and gents! I forgot that it now reads that Sather can do whatever he wants and shouldn’t be questioned about it.

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Posted on: October 13, 2009 8:24 am

Are the Rangers for Real?

How soon is too soon? The NHL season is not even a tenth of the way over, but at this moment the Rangers are tied with the Penguins, sitting on top of the Atlantic Division, and looking much better than most would have thought. 

Since losing opening night in Pittsburgh, the Rangers have won 5 consecutive games. Now this is nothing new to the Rangers as they got off to a hot start last year. However, they are winning much more impressively than they were last year, most notably last night’s 7-2 dismantling of the Leafs.  

The Rangers started off last season with a 5 game win streak, but one only needs to look at the scores of those games to see that this is a different team. During last year’s 5 game win streak the Rangers only outscored their opponents by more than 1 goal twice, and even those wins were only by 2 goals; As opposed to this year’s streak where the Rangers have defeated their opponents by 2 or more goals 3 times. 

During last year’s streak the Rangers outscored their opponents 16-8; this year its 22-9. 6 goals might seem like a small difference, but when considering the sample size is only 5 games that’s over a goal per game more that the Rangers are scoring. And this coming from a team that often struggled to score a goal a game to begin with last year. 

More impressive is the fact that the Rangers are currently tied for the league lead in goals with 24. Yes Kids, the New York Rangers lead the NHL in goals scored. If I had told you that would have been the case two weeks into the season everyone reading this would have laughed in my face. Heck, even I would have laughed in my face. 

This is a different Rangers team. A full training camp under Tortorella has gotten this team in shape and playing the coaches system the right way. Thanks to that conditioning and training the Rangers are dominating their opponents in the third period, outscoring them 12-3! During last year’s streak they only outscored their opponents in the third period by a tally of 4-3, often trying to protect the lead instead of adding to it. 

And instead of relying on just Gaborik to score, the Rangers have shown that every line can contribute. There was no better example of that then last night when 5 different players scored a goal. So far 7 Rangers have 2 or more goals, including two defensemen. There have been 12 different goal scorers so far this season. Higgins and Lisin are the only two of the top 9 forwards that have not scored yet.

This new, fast, aggressive Rangers team has impressed immensely so far this season but the question is, how far can they go? Many had pegged the Rangers to miss the playoffs this year and although it certainly is a possibility, it seems unlikely if they continue to play at this level. 

Playoffs? Eastern Conference Finals? Stanley Cup? Who knows; at this point the fans can only hope. I’m not ready to dive head first into a pool of warm and cozy feelings about my teams chances this year just yet … it’s still too early for that … but I have dipped my toes in the water, and I have to tell you, it feels Nice! 
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Posted on: September 14, 2009 12:50 pm
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Gaborik's first scare!

Alright Ranger fans; You knew it was going to happen sooner or later … but this isn’t as serious as some pessimistic Rangers fans would lead you to believe. 

It was first reported Saturday that Marian Gaborik was held out of the second half of Saturday’s training camp activities. And then on Sunday, Gaborik was held out as a precautionary measure. Normally I’m the pessimistic one, but some of the responses to this have been a little too much for me not to laugh. Certainly I’m worried, as every Ranger fan should be, but some seem to think that Gaborik’s season is over already. How about we let him actually get injured first before we jump off the ledge, shall we? 

Let’s look at this logically and calmly for a second, something New York area fans do not specialize in, and really dissect what is happening here. 

For one, Gaborik missed all but 17 games last season. So for all intents and purposes he has missed almost an entire season and recently had surgery. This would lead you to believe that his conditioning and training hasn’t been at full tilt in quite some time. Then enter the fact that Tortorella runs the most grueling camp Rangers fans have seen since Mike Keenan. Then consider Gaborik’s injury history and the need to protect a 5 year, $37.5 million dollar investment. Then consider the fact that it was the organizations choice to hold Gaborik out, as opposed to Gaborik taking himself out. 

All of this leads me to believe that this is nothing more than the Rangers being very careful with a player that they have such high expectations for. Let’s face it, if Gaborik is missed for any extended period of time the Rangers are in very deep trouble. Therefore, it is fine with me that they heir on the side of caution here. And like I said, he’s not even injured, he’s sore, there is a difference. 

Gaborik is scheduled to take part in most of today’s training camp activities with the exception of scrimmages and heavier skating/running. However do not panic when you don’t see him in tomorrow night’s pre-season opener at home against the Bruins. Tortorella has already said that he will be using this game to see what the “Kids” can do.

So take a deep breath … relax … and remember … Hockey is Officially Back!  
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Posted on: June 10, 2008 1:11 pm

Rangers off season

Personally I want the Rangers not to go after the top guy. Don’t get me wrong I would love Hossa and Campbell, but I think we would be better served getting 5-6 above average players than blowing all the money on two superstars because as we all know we have tried that in the past and it hasn’t worked…and we are starting to lean in that direction again…and I don’t like it.

First order of business is to re-sign Avery…it is no doubt that Avery makes the team better. Jagr can stay, but only if he take much less money. I’m thinking no more than 5 mil a year. Anything above that would be a waste. Straka I’m kinda on the the fence about…but I think it’s time we part with him. Roszival has to stay, Malik NEEDS to go. Mara is another toss up, I would like to see him stay because I like his make up…but if he asks for anything over 2 mil…I say let him walk. And I’m sorry, but Shanny needs to retire. He’s a great leader, but he is just to slow and two much of a one trick pony now (waiting for a one timer in the slot).

I think our major focus in the free agent market should be Brian Rolston…. I know, I know, the whole Ex-Devil thing…but I think Gomez proved that wrong. Rolston is a good leader and a great playmaker with a good shot. He would be great on a line with some of our young guys like Dawes or Callahan.

Radim Vrbata is another guy that I would like, he would provide that young talented scorer that we have desperately need for the past few years.

As far a defense goes I think we should go after Mark Streit. One of our major problems has been moving the puck up ice with some speed and Streit is one of the best at it, and he is great on the powerplay. He’s not as good as Campbell defensively, but he’s as good defensively as most of the guys we have now anyway. If not him that Ron Hainsey would be a good option.

Obviously we won’t have enough money to make all of these things happen but this year is a very good year for free agents and I would rather see the Rangers catch a lot of medium size fish then two big fish. Not to mention we have a good core of young talent and I think a couple of more kids can make the team this year. All in all it should be a great off season if the Rangers play their cards right and not put all their eggs in one basket.
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