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Posted on: February 16, 2009 1:00 pm

Fire Renney!


I closed last blog with “Maybe we need Messier to come back to show us how to win again haha. “

 …. I’m not laughing anymore. 

Tom Renney needs to be fired. Period, He has been given a long enough rope and now he and his players have tied it in a pretty little noose and someone’s head needs to go in it. Unfortunately you can’t fire players otherwise Redden, Kalinin and a lot of others would have gotten their pink slip long ago. And Slats isn’t going to fire himself, and the Dolans love him for some unknown reason (maybe they are into S&M?) so he’s not going anywhere. So that leaves Renney. 

Let me just say this. I think the major and more pressing problem is Sather, but like I said, he’s not going anywhere until Dolan either decides to care about the success of the Rangers or appoints a President who will. That being said, Renney is still a problem and needs to go. 

Let’s start with his Power Play, or lack thereof. I have never seen so many offensively talented players suck so badly when they are up a man. Gomez, Drury, Zherdev … I have them on my PP in the video game and I’m doing just fine, what’s Renney’s problem. Of course it is a video game and not real life but my point is with that kind of set up they should be racking up the PP goals, not giving up 5 on 3 shorthanded ones. They don’t move … EVER! They just stand there and play catch and then pass it back to the point and they don’t shoot. It’s like watching the Harlem Globetrotters except they never put it in the basket. At first glance you would blame the players, and that’s true, some of the blame belongs with them, but I highly doubt that they all thinking “Stand in place … pass puck to next guy”. This is Renney’s doing. There is no crossing in front of the crease. There are no wrist shots from the point to deflect and get rebounds; just blasts that either hit a leg on the way in or find the glass because accuracy was sacrificed in favor of velocity. There is no driving to the net, get the puck on net, and then put away the trash. Just Stand and Wait. Well I for one have waited long enough. 

If you need further proof that our power play is a joke, just look at the other teams on the penalty kill. It couldn’t be easier on them. The Rangers never make the opposing team’s penalty killers move and they never get tired. All they have to do is cover the man in front and then watch the Rangers pass from the point down to the circle, then to the goal line, then back to the circle, then to the point, then to the other point, then to the other circle, etc. It’s so predictable that even my girlfriend gets pissed off. 

I’m not even going to touch the defense. If you can’t see that they are leaving Hank out to dry then you need a prescription check. I think I can fit you in right after my 2 o’clock with Mr. Dolan. 

Whether you like it or not, this team has given up on Renney, and it’s time the organization to give up too. They have won 3 games in the last 30 days! And one of the wins was a Shootout win! During that stretch we have lost two embarrassing games to the Penguins (who just fired their coach BTW). A 2-1 shootout loss to the Thrashers on Adam Graves night (ATL is the worst in the NHL in GAA and the Rangers only managed 1 goal in the closing moments of regulation.) Then Renney put them through a tough couple of days of practice to teach them a lesson and how do they respond? With one of the worst efforts in recent memory, a 10 – 2 loss to Dallas. And then they follow that up with a listless performance against the Devils and a skin of their teeth shootout win against the Caps. Then they get owned by the Panthers and Hank has one of his best games of the season ruined because the offense can’t score. The Panthers would have won that game 6-1 if Hank hadn’t saved them. And then we have yesterdays debacle. What more do you need? 

Bottom line, firing Renney might just be change for change sake in the eyes of many, but I disagree. Even if it was change for change sake that’s still better than no change at all. It’s not like Renney is Scotty Bowman. What has Renney ever done to deserve this type of leeway? And it’s not just that the Rangers are losing, they are getting embarrassed and out coached at every turn. Sure Tom, shuffle the lines again, because that will help the team Gel. Sure keep sending the same ineffective PP strategy out there, I’m sure it will work this time. It’s like watching someone slam their head against the wall and scream in pain and everyone in the Rangers organization is just sitting back saying “hey I wonder if we should stop that guy from slamming his head against the wall, eh?” Yes eh! Somebody’s got to stop the madness. 

Darth Sather is next. 


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